Saturday, March 31, 2012

ZEVIA Review and Giveaway!!!

Zevia sent me a pack of their drinks to review! 

Here's a little info about Zevia:
With natural products, being healthy isn’t enough – a product has to taste great, and also be healthy, to really be a compelling alternative. At Zevia, we really believe that we’ve created a better soda. And we’re fortunate that our fans are vocal. Every day, we receive letters, emails and calls from folks who have just discovered Zevia, and are thrilled to have a product they can feel good about consuming every day.

One of the most fun things about working at Zevia is sharing our products with people who used to drink soda and stopped, or in some cases always avoided soda for health reasons. Kids are the most fun of all – we meet lots of kids who’ve never had soda in their lives, because it was banned in their household, and to watch their faces when they try Zevia for the first time is priceless.

Similarly, people with diabetes, people seeking to lose weight or control their weight, or people who just want to live a healthier life really light up when they discover our product.

We don't think that soda should be a "four-letter word," and we're out to change the way people think about soda by providing a healthy option that tastes great. 

Now, for my review!

First of all, I love that these have ZERO CALORIES AND NO SUGAR! Stevia is much better for you than sugar and those artificial sweeteners. You can read about that at this link!

I liked all of these flavors. But, I definitely had a favorite... Cream Soda took the lead by a longshot! 

Grape: 10/10! Tasted just like the grape soda I used to drink as a kid. But, this one was definitely a drink that I felt GOOD about drinking!

Mountain Zevia 9/10: Tasted similar to mountain dew, but more limey!
Caffeine Free Cola 9/10: This one tasted like a regular diet coke! YUM!
Black Cherry: 8/10: This flavor was good, but I liked the other flavors just a little better.
Grapefruit Citrus 8/10: This was a taste that I don't normally go for. It was different, and still good, just not my favorite. 

ZEVIA wants one of YOU to try some of their awesome drinks for free too!!! I have a coupon for a free 6 pack to giveaway! 


Giveaway Requirements:
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